property & facility management

P.F.M. focuses on two core business platforms, namely property & facility management, positioning itself in residential, industrial, commercial, educational and healthcare sectors all while adopting unwavering values in an ever challenging and competitive marketplace.

At P.F.M, we aspire to improve human comfort and health, optimize performance, and empower industries by offering innovative and reliable solutions in property & facility management.

We deliver complete solutions based on grounded industry experience. We are dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives and overall experience in any facility, be it residential, corporate, healthcare, hospitality, educational or others.

Property management

We manage the day-to-day operations and control of real estate management


We provide our customers with peace of mind by delivering consistent quality through trained personnel, best-practice facility management and innovative service.

What We Do?

We provide professional project management services to our clients, designed to ensure the successful implementation and execution of all projects.
We offer our clients a wide range of maintenance services such as but not limited to drawing up maintenance plans and associated reports, checking and monitoring of equipment with revisions and inspections.
We provide mechanical, electrical and plumbing uses for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.
We offer top quality home remodeling, home renovations, home improvements and home repairs.
We perform all types of finishing works in buildings and private properties.
We assist our clients with the technical expertise and knowledge that are not always readily available.
We offer excellence and integrity in home cleaning and housekeeping services.
We integrate safety and security systems to help reduce risk, avoid incidents and operate with certainty.
We provide honest, reliable and affordable commercial and residential landscaping.

Our Projects


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